A revolutionary web-based application that enables the management and execution of a project’s completions process in the most efficient and proactive manner

  • Developed for the cost-conscious, efficiency-oriented Clients whose main focus is other than systems completionsystem_portal_box_model_transparent
  • Created with the user in mind, typically the certifying inspector, field specialist, or engineer, whose technical tasks conclude in certifying the completions status of tag item, equipment or system
  • Does not duplicate or replace the quality assurance process and documentation required for the project but aims to complement and provide real time status tracking and reporting of actual completions activities as the project progresses.

System Portal is designed to be used as an integral part of a functional work flow process involving quality inspections, scheduling, engineering acceptance, completion certification and readiness for start up.

System Portal is a highly scalable, user-friendly application that has the option to be installed in the Client’s local area network environment.

Users benefit from its simple and very intuitive functionalities.

  • No specialized user’s training is required
  • No costly site-based system administrator is neededtab
  • Virtual technical support is available 24/7

It can be deployed in a matter of minutes or can be customized to suit a project’s unique requirements.


Notable Features


  • Auto-generated progress reports are sent via email to specific addresses (important for project managers/leads who are non-users). Auto notification is user-defined (twice daily, daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Schedule-driven activities. Plan and forecast dates from the scheduling application (Primavera) can be entered in the application to flag upcoming activities and track completion performance.


Advantages of using SystemPortal


  • Designed to track the status of actual completion activities progressively so the project knows exactly where they are at in the completions process
  • Activity-based process defines the entire requirement for completion validation, from start to finish, to certify completion status of the tag item or a system
  • Captures the validation of critical inspection and test points (including pre-commissioning function tests) at the time the activity is completed
  • Replaces electronic paper-based check sheets with actual activities checklist that is electronically updatedsysportal_image2
  • Avoids bottlenecks associated with processing paper-based check-sheets
  • Users update the status of the tasks as it gets completed providing real time information
  • Activities are tied back to the project schedule

Key to the successful deployment of System Portal is the planning effort that must be performed by the project team involving all stakeholders such as the Engineering, Quality, Operations, Commissioning and Completions team with the application specialist.

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